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22 Aug

I’ve updated my Zazzle Items page with all the new stuff I’ve created.  It’s now listed by item type (apron, mug, mousepad…) rather then by the date I created them.

I now have a buch of products:

2 Aprons:  one with the Wheel of Being (WoB) design, and one with the Magic Square (MS).
2 Bags:  one with the WoB, and one with the MS.
1 Bumpersticker:  with the WoB and a decorative border.
3 Keychains:  one with the WoB, one with the WoB enlarged, and one with the MS.
2 Mousepads:  one with the WoB and the decorative border, and one with the WoB enlarged.
1 Mug:  with the WoB on both sides and the MS in the center.
3 Shoes:  one with the WoB on the toe and the MS on the heel, the other two are the WoB enlarged so that it covers the whole shoe, in dark and light versions.
1 T-shirt:  with the WoB on the front.

My next project is to create a pentacle with the pictures used in the WoB, and then I can created products with that.

I’m really having fun making all this stuff.  It’s fun to play around and create whatever comes to mind.  Although I thought the shoes with the enlarged WoB would be the death of me.  The way the shoes are designed you have to place the images on the toe, heel, and the sides separately.  So that meant a lot of time trying to line up the side pictures with the one on the front.  Then I had to repeat the process for the other version.  But I really like how they turned out.  I think they might be my favorite pieces.

So once I get the pentacle done then I’ll start posting more products with that.
If you want to see my latest stuff just go to my Zazzle Gallery.

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