some more EbN adjustments/additions

29 Aug

Last night I changed around some of the pages here on EbN.

1 – I created a new page called Online Pets.  I placed Dragon Cave as a sub-page under that.

2 – I also added the page Valenth (also as a sub-page to Online Pets), which is a site similar to DC, where you adopt eggs and they grow up based on how many clicks they get.  I’m new to Valenth, but it seems pretty cool.

3 – I changed the names of three pages:  Pictures, which used to be My Pictures, and I also changed it to be a sub-page under About Me;  DC Images, which used to be Dragon Cave 2, and is still a sub-page under DC;  and My Store, which used to be Zazzle Items (still has the same stuff, just a different name).

These changes are just to make the site a little easier to get around, and now that I have the site navigation on the top of the page I need to keep the “base pages” to a small number to keep it clean looking.

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Posted by on August 29, 2008 in Dragon Cave, EbN Site Stuff, Valenth


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