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Conditioner Only – Week 9

Last week I talked about how I thought my scalp condition had started to come back.  Well now I’m sure it has.  My scalp is red, has flakes, and is really itchy.  I didn’t take a second shower last week to give my scalp some time off.  I’m not sure if all conditioners are the problem, or if it is just Pantene.  This problem started up after I started using Pantene, but it could be that it took 8 weeks of conditioner use to build up to a point were I noticed it, and it just happened to appear when I used Pantene.  So I decided to stop using Pantene, and I started using a mix of Suave’s Humectant and Mane & Tail conditioners.  I used those because I had some left, but also because both of them are free of ‘cones (silicones, which are some of the most debated ingredients in the hair care world. some say they are great, some say they do terrible damage).  We’ll see if my scalp problem goes away while using those.  If it does then I know it has something to do with Pantene or any ‘cone product, if it doesn’t…. well I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Routine:   Put a mix of Suave and M&T on my dry hair, left it on for 25 minutes, got in the shower and rinsed it out.  Then I put on a smaller second application, left that on for a minute or two, and then rinsed it out.
After my hair was dry I put a small amount of Coconut Oil (which is a moisturizer) on all of my hair, but mainly the ends.

Results:   Ok.  My hair was really dry until I put on the Coconut Oil.  Now my hair is better, but still isn’t as nice as when I use Pantene.

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EbN updates – Chicken Smoothie page

I added a new page called Chicken Smoothie here on EbN.

Chicken Smoothie is a site where you can adopt pets and watch them grow.  You don’t need views, clicks or feedings for these guys, they grow up on their own.  Each pet has the potential to grow up into one of several different variations, so you won’t know what it will be until it grows up.

So there is yet another addition to my ever growing adoptable pets list.  Check them out if you have a moment!

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EbN pages updated: Valenth and Dragon Cave Breeds

I’ve updated two of EbN’s pages, the Valenth page and the Dragon Cave Breeds page.

Valenth:  I added my new pets.  I’ve noticed that alot of people are coming here for valenth stuff, so I’ll try to keep this page updated.  Give them some clicks if you have time!

DC Breeds:  I added the images for the two new breeds (Guardian & Season), the two new alternates (Black & Plant).  I also added the “Other” breeds (Dinos & Chicken), which I didn’t have listed before.  I’m still missing two Dino sprites, I’ll keep trying to hunt them down.
I don’t have the descriptions on the new breeds or the others, but I’ll try to get to that soon.

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silly kitty

My cat Sebastian is one of the most trusting cats I have ever met.  Even if he is really scared of something, if I tell him it’s all right he will do his best to face it.
One example:  EDITED (because I thought of a better example 🙂 )
Sebastian had a surgery about a year and a half ago.  He had a long line of stitches (over 6 inches!) in a very sensitive area.  For 3 weeks I had to clean it twice a day with hydrogen peroxide and then put on a salve.  Needless to say Sebastian didn’t like when I put the peroxide on that raw skin (then again neither would I).  And the first couple days he really fought me about it.  But then I took a different tact.  Rather then trying to pin him down, at the start of each session I took him on my lap and explained to him that this was the only way to make his big owie better.  I kept telling him that momma loves him, and that I would never do anything to hurt him unless it was absolutely necessary, and that if he trusted me I could make his owie would go away.  I’m sure he didn’t understand all of what I said, but he does know the phrases “big owie”, “all better” and “trust momma” and when you put them together they get the point across.  Once I started doing that he would lay down on the floor in front of me and let me clean him with out struggling, I didn’t even have to hold him.  I’m not saying he liked it, but he let me do it because he trusted me.  The trust we grew during those weeks has made it possible for me to do just about anything to him or around him, I just need to say “trust momma” and he’ll do anything I ask of him.

Now for my current problem (frustration?):
Sebastian has developed a sudden fear of my bed.  He has always slept with me, and when he is scared he always hides under the covers.  The bed is his safety zone.  It always has been.
But now for some unknown reason he won’t come on the bed.  He isn’t even all that comfortable being in my bedroom.  He’ll come in if I coax him, but as soon as I stop actively petting him and telling him that everything is fine, then he’ll high tail it out of there.

He was fine on sunday (when he woke me up at 4:30 [AM!] with a mouse he caught), but something happened sometime on sunday, and he didn’t come to bed that night.
The only thing I can think of is that the guy who mows my lawn came on sunday afternoon, and that is what scared him.  He is always scared of the lawn mower, but recently he has been really brave and has stayed out rather then hiding.  But on sunday he hid.  I didn’t think much about it (he only started staying out about 2 months ago), and he came out, like usual, about 15 minutes after they were gone.  I’ve tried really hard to think if there was anything unusual about him when he came out, but as hard as I’ve tried I haven’t been able to remember anything strange.

It took me 15 minutes to get him to come into the room last night.  I sat on the edge of the bed and petted him for a while, but as soon as I put my feet under the covers he left and didn’t come back.

This morning I did a little bribing.  He loves it when I read.  He sees a book come out and he runs over so he can cuddle up to me while I read.  So this morning I get my book out and sat on the bed.  It took him a few minutes, but he came in the room.  Then he paced around on the floor, whining because he wanted to be with me, but he didn’t want to be on the bed.  After about 15 minutes, much to my surprise, he jumped on the bed.  But he was only there for a few seconds before his fear took over and he jumped down and retreated to the doorway.

I kept telling him that he was being a very silly kitty.  Every time I called him silly he would look at me and blink his eyes.  Which is universal kitty-talk for YES.  So he knows he’s being silly.  But he’s still scared.

He has always been a scared of unfamiliar and new things.  So I am used to dealing with that.  If I see that he is scared of something I’ll slow down and let him sniff it and tell him that it is alright.  And like I said, he is supper trusting, so most of the time his trust in me is bigger then his fear.  But this time his fear is big.  And I’m at a loss to figure out why.

I know that eventually he will be fine.  The fact that he came on the bed, even if it was just for a few moments, was proof of that.  It may take a week or so, but he’ll get there.  I’ll just have to take it one step at a time.

The reason that he and I work so well is that I am always aware of him.  No matter what I’m doing, part of my brain is always keeping an eye on him (and all my animals for that matter).  So I know the instant he is afraid of something.  And I also take active steps to avoid him getting scared in the first place.  Like if I’m about to make a loud sound I’ll say the word “noise!” first.  Then he knows it’s coming and he doesn’t have a problem with it.  And if something does scare him I just tell him that everything is fine, and to trust that his momma.  And then he relaxes enough to investigate whatever scared him.
If he wasn’t so trusting, and if I wasn’t so patient and understanding, I think he would be constantly hiding in fear.

So the next couple days will be spent trying to reassure him that the bed is in no way scary.  I think I’ll try reading in bed again tonight.  Maybe that will help.  Keep your fingers crossed!

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Book Reviews: 9-22-08

Moon Called  (Mercy Thompson, Book 1) – by Patricia Briggs
Mercy is a auto mechanic that also happens to be a shapeshifter.  She can can change shape at will, but she always has to become a coyote.  Once her mother found out, she shipped her off to be raised by a pack of werewolves.  At 16 she left that pack, but she still knows alot about the werewolf community.  She lives in a town where there is a werewolf pack (not the one she grew up in), but she doesn’t have all that much contact with them.  Her neighbour, Adam, is the Alpha (lead male werewolf) of that pack, and she knows the other members of the pack, but they don’t really hang out.  That all changes when a boy comes into her auto shop looking for work.  She can tell that he is a werewolf, and a new on at that, but lets it go since he doesn’t seem to want to talk about it.  Until she stumbles across someone trying to kidnap him.  She saves him, and she quickly calls Adam to help him out and protect him.  But during the night something happens at Adam’s house and she runs over to find several werewolves hurt and dead, and Adam is involved in a very dangerous fight with another werewolf, and Adam isn’t winning.  Mercy kills the other werewolf, but Adam is near death and she needs help.  She ends up taking him to her old pack leader, and once Adam is better, they go back home to find out who set them up.
~~~~ This is an AWESOME book.  The characters are explained in such a way that you feel like you’ve known them forever.  And I love the werewolves.  They are alot more “normal” then most of the stuff you see about werewolves.  It reminds me of the character of Oz on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, in that Oz was just a normal human who just happened to have special abilities and could change into a werewolf.  Mercy is a great character, she is strong and stubborn, and I so can’t wait to get the rest of this series so I can read more about her!

Blue Smoke – by Nora Robers
This book happens over a 20 year period.  It starts in 1985 when Reena is 11 and her family pizzeria is gutted by a fire.  A fire that was set on purpose to hurt her and her family.  But while she stands there and watches the fire consume their shop she is strangely drawn to the fire.  She sees how beautiful the fire is and she wants to go in where the firefighters are.
We next meet Reena in the early ’90s (’92 I think).  She is now in college, working hard to get a good education, and she volunteers at the fire station whenever she can.  Her dream is to be a arson investigator.  She meets a boy, Josh, and starts to fall in love with him.  But one night he dies in a fire that is ruled accidental.
We meet her again in ’95 (I think), where she is now a cop on her way to that dream job of arson detective.  She takes the test that all firefighters have to take to be certified.  She doesn’t need this to be an arson investigator, but if she has it she can go into the buildings while they are still on fire and hopefully get more information on who what when were and why.  She still volunteers at the local fire station, and starts a relationship with a guy there.  The plan to have a weekend away to find out how they really feel about each other.  Because they get off work at different times, he heads out the night before to get the place set up.  But on the way he is shot on the side of the road, and then both he and his vehicle are set on fire.  The investigators believe that it was a robbery gone bad, and that the killer just set him on fire to cover his tracks.
The story continues in ’99.  Reena is now a rookie arson detective.  She is good at her job, and she loves it.  She is dating a very successful investment broker, but he is starting to take her for granted.  One night he takes her to a fancy restaurant and tells her that he has gotten a big promotion, but that he has to move to New York.  Reena was starting to think they should end the relationship anyway, so she isn’t all that sad.  But then he proposes, and before she knows it she has a ring on her finger and the waiter is congratulating her.  She waits until they get back home to tell him that her answer is no.  He blows up and ends up hitting her.  She makes him leave her apartment.  But the next morning she is woken by her captain telling her that her (now ex) boyfriend’s car was torched in the wee hours of the morning.  And, nice person that he is, he blames her.
We conclude in 2005 where Reena is now a seasoned investigator.  She doesn’t have much time for men.  She uses them when she needs them, but she doesn’t have relationships.  Until she moves into a house with a neighbor who claims to love her.  Bowen Goodnight has seen her several times over the years, but can never seem to get close enough to talk to her.  The first time was a party she was at with Josh in ’92, then he sees her again in a shopping mall in ’95, and then they stop at the same stoplight in ’99.  Every time he sees her he feels like the music stops, and the whole world fades away.  She is known as “Dream Girl” to his friends.  Even though Reena finds this really weird, she is drawn to him.  But then she starts getting calls from a guy who starts fires just for her.  It is obvious that he is stalking her, as well as leaving little clues at the fires so she knows it’s him.  As this guy escalates her relationship with Bo gets closer.  But as her stalker gets closer, and much more dangerous, she needs to find out who he is before someone she loves gets hurt.
~~~~ I really like this book.  While it is not fantastic, it is a very good story.  Most stories start at one point and then have “flashbacks” to stuff that happend before.  Where as this story takes you through the important stuff so you have a real idea about who Reena is, because you aren’t just “told” the story you live it.  There is also a Lifetime Movie based on this book.  I recommend both the movie and the book.

I’m now reading another Nora Roberts book: Montana Sky.  After that I’ll start on the rest of the Sookie Stackhouse series (I have book 2 and 4-7, but I’m still waiting on book 3).

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Conditioner Only – Week 8

I realized that I didn’t do my second post last week.  But it was pretty much the same as the first one, so it’s no big deal.

This week:

Routine:   Put lots of Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths ‘dish on my dry hair and let that sit for 20 minutes, then got in the shower and rinsed it out.  Then I did a second application and rinsed that out.

Results:   Great hair!  It’s silky, tangle-free, and I would even say shiny.  It is smooth with out being either a big poof or completely lacking volume.  I would consider this perfect hair for me.

Comments:   Before I started Water Only I had pretty bad dandruff.  Not just lots of little flakes, but huge flakes that were quite big across, and my scalp itched like hell.  I tried everything to get rid of it.  I switched shampoos and conditioners, I used dandruff ‘poo/’dish, I used baby ‘poo/’dish…  I tried everything, but nothing worked.  Once I was doing WO for a while that went away.  I assumed  that it was something to do with my current dandruff shampoo, because, looking back on it, the more I used it the worse my dandruff got.
But I think it’s starting up again.  My scalp is starting to itch, and it’s a little red.  I’m guessing that it is one of two things:  1- all commercial products will give me this problem,  2- Pantene does this.  Now I’ve tried using other brands (other than Pantene) before, but it never stopped the dandruff, so I always ended up switching back.  So now I’m left wondering if there is something in Pantene that is causing this, I assume, allergic reaction.
Another thing I have to think about is that I colored my hair for the first time in many months (since before WO I think) a couple weeks ago.  Now at one point I wondered if my hair color was a problem, so I tried going to another brand (for almost a year), but it didn’t help.  But the problem with that is that I have let several months go by without coloring my hair in the past, and it never seemed to have any affect on my dandruff.  So why would that have anything to do with why it stopped when I started WO?  And you would think that if the hair color was a problem it would have showed up immediately after I colored.

So the real questions are:  Why did I have dandruff?  Why did it stop with WO?  And is it starting back up again?

Because I’m not sure if it is starting up again, I think I’ll keep going with Pantene until I know for sure.  If I’m sure that it is starting up again, then I’ll try something else.  I’ll try another brand first, but if it still continues after that I may try using Catnip, which can be used as a natural alternative to conditioner.

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yet another new dragon!

There has been another release of a new dragon!

Because I don’t visit the DC forum much, I didn’t know about this one until it was already released.  And it took me several days to get one.  But last night I finally got one!  I’m keeping it hidden for now, but I’ll post it on my Dragon Cave page tonight or tomorrow.

I’m really glad that we are getting new dragons on a regular basis.  That makes it so much fun!  And it gives me more to work for, breeding-wise.  Being that I want one of each gender of all the dragons, it means I have more dragons to try to get.  I still don’t have my second Skywing, Plant alternate, Guardian, or any of the Black alternate.  But if I didn’t have anything to work for it would be boring!

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