Conditioner Only – Week 5

02 Sep

I colored my hair yesterday for the first time in 6+ months.  But before I colored I did a Baking Soda wash to make sure I got my hair totally clean.  I’ve found that if your hair isn’t clean (and conditioner free) the color doesn’t stick as well.  Which makes sense when you think about it.  Conditioner coats the outside of your hair to make it slick and better looking, but if you try to color on top of that then alot of it just slides off.  Think of it like if you were trying to stain and varnish a piece of wood, you wouldn’t varnish it before you applied the stain.  The same idea applies here.

Routine:   Washed my hair with Baking Soda and rinsed that out.  Then once my hair was dry I colored it, let that sit, and then once that was rinsed out I applied some of the conditioner they provide.  I left that on as long as I could (the water was starting to get cold!) and then rinsed it out.

Results:   My hair is a little more dry then I am used to, but still pretty soft.  Being that I used both the Baking Soda and the coloring back to back (both are drying) it’s really not unexpected.

Comments:   My next shower (wednesday or thursday) I’ll start using the Pantene again.  I know my hair always did really well on it, so it will be interesting to try.  Being that Pantene isn’t all that cheep I might eventually try to find something else to use as my first “soak” application, and only use Pantene as the second one.  Several of the more “professional” brands have pretty big bottles that are reasonably priced.  So that might be an option.

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