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03 Sep

I have this problem I’ve been tossing around for quite a while now.  Maybe putting it down here will help me make a decision.

I have a pentacle that I always wear.  It is on 24-7, except for when I shower, and then as soon as I’m dry it goes right back on.  The one I currently have (this one) is the second one I’ve owned.  The first one was a plain brass one that quickly tarnished from being against my skin so much.  I’ve had this one since feburary, but it has started to turn a weird pink/copper color around the edges.  I like this pentacle very much.  The more I wear it, the more I love the design.  But now I’m faced with it just not holding up to daily use.

So my dilemma is this: should I re-buy this same design that I love (and face having to replace it again in the future), or should I try a new one and hope that that one lasts longer than these past two.

I’ve been looking at my three favorite pagan stores (The Magickal Cat, Azure Green, Isis Books) And I found several different pentacles that I like:
The Pentacle of the Goddess – this one is very pretty, and I think my favorite.  It combines both celtic and nature (flowers), which are two of my favorite things.  It is more solid than I’m used to, and I’m afraid it might be to heavy for everyday use.
Moon Phases – I love the moon, and the idea of “carrying” the moon with me where ever I go is very nice.  I love the way the phases of the moon are laid out, and not just the four quarters (1st, full, 3rd, new), but it shows a true representation of how the moon changes.
The Vined Pentacle – this one is pretty, but a little busy.  I’m afraid that the shape of the pentacle is lost in the the tangle of vines.
The Vined Pentacle w/Enamel – like the one above, but the vines are colored in.  The thing I like about this one is that with the vines colored in the pentacle is more easily defined.  But I know from experience that enamel eventually rubs off, so I wonder what this one will look like after a few months.

I’m leaning toward one of the first two, but then again I still really like the idea of the vined ones…..

As you can see I am nowhere close to making a decision.  That is very odd for me.  I normally know exactly what I want.  Actually I do know what I want.  I want the one I have now, and I want it to last longer then a few months.  I also don’t like the idea of having to re-buy it every year.  And since those things aren’t going to agree, that has left me trying to pick something else.

Writing this down hasn’t helped me make a decision, but at least I’ve cleared up the options in my head.
Thanks for listening.

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