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09 Sep

I made the decision to become a vegetarian (eat vegetarian?) over a year ago.  I made that decision for several reasons.  The first was that I didn’t eat much meat in the first place, and when I did eat it I only did so because I thought I should, not because I actually craved it or wanted it.  The second, and most important reason, was that I no longer could stand the idea of eating animals.  I’ve always had the “problem” of not being able to eat what I see alive.  Like I could go fishing and catch fish, but once I saw them I could no longer stomach eating them.  If I didn’t see them alive then I could detach my brain enough from the idea of the animal to the meat I was eating.  But it got to the point that every time I saw a piece of meat (beef for instance) all I could see was the cow it came from, and every fish fry was like eating one of my pet fish.

With every month that goes past the more sure I am that this is right for me.  I now see commercials for cheeseburgers and cringe.  And the idea of eating beef jerky, which I used to love, is now revolting.  The mental idea of it, and of how much I used to enjoy it sound good, but to actually eat it is unthinkable.

NOTE:  while I am a vegetarian, I am not vegan.  Vegans consume no animals products what so ever.  While I still drink milk and eat cheese.  Another thing on the vegan’s no-no list is eggs.  I try to not eat eggs, because they are the start of life for a chicken, but I won’t not eat something that has eggs in it.  Like I will still eat cakes and breads that have eggs in them, but I’ll shy away from things like omelets.


Lately I have been feeling guilty about other things as well.  Like my leather coat.  The idea of wearing that this winter sickens me.  So I have decided that I will get a new coat for this winter.  But I have always worn a leather coat.  I’ve never even looked at anything else.  So now I need to go shopping and decide what kind of coat is right for me.

I also need to replace my purse.  The purse I have now is fabric, but all my past ones have been leather.  Do you know how hard it is to find a good looking and functional purse that doesn’t have leather on it?  Most do, even if it is in small amounts.  After quite a bit of searching I’ve found this one.  It has all the nooks and cranies that I love, and it looks nice too.  The purse I have now is a little bit smaller, but I want to be able to fit a book in it as well, and this one looks like it could do that no problem.  I also like that the inside is lined in a light color.  After having a dark lined purse for many years I really like the idea of not having to look into that black void to find stuff!

And since I’m getting a new purse I thought I would get rid of my leather wallet as well.  Again, it is very hard to find a non-leather wallet.  But this one seems to be nice.  It does have a leather snap (the purse does too actually) but other then that it’s nice.  It has a nice floral print on the front and has lots of slots for credit cards.  While I only have one credit card, I do have lots of other membership and savings cards and I need room for them.  The wallet I have now folds different from this one.  When my current one closes it folds the dollars in half, while this one seems to keep the bills strait and folds like a check book (now that I wrote that I realized that my check book is leather too!).

So that’s my subtle shift to get rid of the animal products in my life.  It’s only a few small things, but I think it will make me feel much better to do my little part.

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