one step at a time

11 Sep

I’m on my way to get rid of the leather products in my everyday items.  I now have a fabric wallet and checkbook cover, and have ordered a new purse (even though my current purse is fabric, it’s falling apart, so the “accomplishment” is that my new purse isn’t leather).

Even thought the wallet and the checkbook cover are small items, they are some of my most used.  I had this wave of satisfaction wash over me once I got all my items transferred over into them.  Every time I touch them I’ll know that no animal was killed to create them.  That is a very good feeling.

I’m reading the book Eldest (the sequel to Eragon) right now.  In there they talk about the elves city Ellesmera which is made of trees and woodland growth.  Not like the city is made from those things, but instead the elves have used magic to mold the trees into the shape of houses and buildings, and made moss and flowers to grow as the floors.  The trees are grown so close together that they form solid walls, with an occasional gap for windows.  The branches make natural roofs and animals come and go in the buildings as they please.

The idea of this kind of living just fascinates me.  Of course that extent would be impossible in the world we live in.  But the idea of living that close to nature away from all of this plastic and metal and paint is very appealing to me.  I’ve had a real desire lately to get closer to nature.  To have it pushed into my life on a daily basis.  I’ve started buying plants that I’ve never had a desire to care for.  Now I want plants all over the place.  I have one on my desk here at work, one in my living room and I have many in my kitchen (which was an addition and has eastern, western and southern windows!).

So that’s the little steps I’ve taken to walk a more nature-based path in my everyday life.

Have you thought about what you can do?

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Posted by on September 11, 2008 in Books, Home, Spiritual


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