Conditioner Only – Week 8

22 Sep

I realized that I didn’t do my second post last week.  But it was pretty much the same as the first one, so it’s no big deal.

This week:

Routine:   Put lots of Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths ‘dish on my dry hair and let that sit for 20 minutes, then got in the shower and rinsed it out.  Then I did a second application and rinsed that out.

Results:   Great hair!  It’s silky, tangle-free, and I would even say shiny.  It is smooth with out being either a big poof or completely lacking volume.  I would consider this perfect hair for me.

Comments:   Before I started Water Only I had pretty bad dandruff.  Not just lots of little flakes, but huge flakes that were quite big across, and my scalp itched like hell.  I tried everything to get rid of it.  I switched shampoos and conditioners, I used dandruff ‘poo/’dish, I used baby ‘poo/’dish…  I tried everything, but nothing worked.  Once I was doing WO for a while that went away.  I assumed  that it was something to do with my current dandruff shampoo, because, looking back on it, the more I used it the worse my dandruff got.
But I think it’s starting up again.  My scalp is starting to itch, and it’s a little red.  I’m guessing that it is one of two things:  1- all commercial products will give me this problem,  2- Pantene does this.  Now I’ve tried using other brands (other than Pantene) before, but it never stopped the dandruff, so I always ended up switching back.  So now I’m left wondering if there is something in Pantene that is causing this, I assume, allergic reaction.
Another thing I have to think about is that I colored my hair for the first time in many months (since before WO I think) a couple weeks ago.  Now at one point I wondered if my hair color was a problem, so I tried going to another brand (for almost a year), but it didn’t help.  But the problem with that is that I have let several months go by without coloring my hair in the past, and it never seemed to have any affect on my dandruff.  So why would that have anything to do with why it stopped when I started WO?  And you would think that if the hair color was a problem it would have showed up immediately after I colored.

So the real questions are:  Why did I have dandruff?  Why did it stop with WO?  And is it starting back up again?

Because I’m not sure if it is starting up again, I think I’ll keep going with Pantene until I know for sure.  If I’m sure that it is starting up again, then I’ll try something else.  I’ll try another brand first, but if it still continues after that I may try using Catnip, which can be used as a natural alternative to conditioner.

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