Conditioner Only – Week 9

29 Sep

Last week I talked about how I thought my scalp condition had started to come back.  Well now I’m sure it has.  My scalp is red, has flakes, and is really itchy.  I didn’t take a second shower last week to give my scalp some time off.  I’m not sure if all conditioners are the problem, or if it is just Pantene.  This problem started up after I started using Pantene, but it could be that it took 8 weeks of conditioner use to build up to a point were I noticed it, and it just happened to appear when I used Pantene.  So I decided to stop using Pantene, and I started using a mix of Suave’s Humectant and Mane & Tail conditioners.  I used those because I had some left, but also because both of them are free of ‘cones (silicones, which are some of the most debated ingredients in the hair care world. some say they are great, some say they do terrible damage).  We’ll see if my scalp problem goes away while using those.  If it does then I know it has something to do with Pantene or any ‘cone product, if it doesn’t…. well I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Routine:   Put a mix of Suave and M&T on my dry hair, left it on for 25 minutes, got in the shower and rinsed it out.  Then I put on a smaller second application, left that on for a minute or two, and then rinsed it out.
After my hair was dry I put a small amount of Coconut Oil (which is a moisturizer) on all of my hair, but mainly the ends.

Results:   Ok.  My hair was really dry until I put on the Coconut Oil.  Now my hair is better, but still isn’t as nice as when I use Pantene.

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