WHOOOHOOO for a completed project

02 Oct

I’ve been working on this one project at work for the last 6 months (although not continuously), but today I finally completed it!

I work in the safety department of a manufacturing company and I was redoing these forms of what is known as Lockout/Tagout.  Lockout/Tagout (or LOTO for short) are the procedures that need to be followed when a machine needs to be completely shut down (including shutting off electricity to it).  They do this when the machine needs to have maintenance or if there is a problem they need to fix safely.  Because you don’t want the machine to accidentally come on when your hand is inside of it!

We have over 150 different machines that need LOTO forms (and each form is 2 double-sided pages).  Thankfully we already had the forms for most of them, but all the info needed to be checked and updated.  Then I needed to print them all out and laminate them so they can be hung by their appropriate machine.

Needless to say it was a big job.  I spent most of the last week laminating all of them.  Which was incredibly boring work.  Put the paper inbetween to pieces of lamination paper, put in a protective cover, put through machine, repeat.  Imagine repeating that 300 times.  Needless to say it got pretty old pretty fast.
I have a few other things that need to be laminated, but I am so sick of that machine that I think I’ll wait a few days before I can face the idea of using it again.

After dealing with those forms for 6 months I was getting really sick of seeing them.  I was careful to search my intire area to get every single one of them before I took the intire stack and handed them to my boss.  I now do not have one single LOTO on my desk!

They will not be missed.

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