Book Review: 10-7-08

07 Oct

I just realized that I didn’t do my weekly book review last week.  It just completely slipped my mind.  So this week’s review will be pretty long to make up for that.

Montana Sky – by Nora Roberts
This is a story about three half-sisters that have never met.  Their father (who owned a very large ranch in montana) has just died and they meet for the first time at his funeral.  They are each quite eager to go back to their own lives and forget the others exist.  But their father had other plans.  In his will he deeds the ranch to all three of his daughters with the stipulation that they must live together on the ranch for one year.  If any of them leave the entire ranch (worth several million) is forfeit.  They all decide to stay.
The oldest, Tess, is a script writer who lived in hollywood and has never done a hard day’s work in her life.  Lily, the middle sister, has been running from her ex-husband who used to beat her, and still thinks of her as his wife.  The youngest, Willa, has lived on the ranch for her entire life and, even though she hated her father, she loves the ranch.
These three half-sisters barely have enough time to start getting used to each other when weird killings start happening on the ranch.  First an animal is found mutilated, then a man is brutally murdered.  Before long everyone on the ranch is scared, and the sisters have to band together to try to save the ranch, and their lives.
~~ This is a great book.  It is divided into the seasons of the year (autumn, winter, spring, summer).  The suspense and mystery is really great.  And each of the sisters have a love interest, which because the sisters are so different their relationships are too.  Tess has Nate who becomes a good bed buddy, Lily finds Adam who helps her feel safe to come out of her shell, and Willa has Ben who she has known her whole life but has always resisted despite a strong pull.  So you end up with the best of all worlds: passionate sex, gentle nurturing, and unrequited love.
The murders are described in pretty vivid detail, so if you are squeamish, either don’t read this or skip over those parts.

Marley and Me– by John Grogan
This is a true story about John and his dog Marley, who he dubbed “The Worst Dog in the World”.  Marley is destructive and unruly, but also incredibly lovable.  We follow the 13 (or so) years of Marley’s life.  We start when John and his wife get Marley as a puppy.  We follow them through puppy problems, kids for John, and several different locations.  The book ends with Marley being a very old dog, and that visit to the vet that nobody wants: that final visit to put him to sleep.
~~  This is beyond great.  Having had a naughty dog myself, I found quite a few familiar things in this book.  You will be rolling on the floor laughing, and go through a kleenex box crying.  This is a great story that will tug at the heartstrings of any animal lover (at least it did for me!).

Living Dead in Dallas (Sookie Stackhouse, Book 2) – by Charlaine Harris
Sookie, the telepathy, is sent to dallas to use her “gift” to help the local vampires there.  One of their nest has gone missing, and they don’t know by who.  But what she doesn’t know is that their is a traitor in their midst, and she ends up walking into a trap.
~~ This isn’t as good as the first Sookie book, but it isn’t terrible.  It is a good story, has great action, and good plot twists.

Blood Bound (Mercy Thompson, Book 2) – by Patricia Briggs
Mercy gets trapped into dealing with a very dangerous sorcerer-turned-vampire who is killing everything he can get his hands on.  Even though she is told to keep her nose to herself, Mercy finds that she is needed to help bring an end to this creature.  But during all of this her relationship with both Adam and Samuel is coming to a head.  And she is starting to get some strange feelings from the vampire Stefan too.  She knows the men want her, and she doesn’t want to have to choose between them.  But they aren’t going to let her ignore it for long.
~~  A good book, but not fantastic.  I’ve found that second books in a series tend to be only ok, and this one is no exception.

Iron Kissed  (Mercy Thompson, Book 3) – by Patricia Briggs
Mercy’s friend (and former boss) Zee asks her to help him investigate a string of murders that happened on the Fae reservation.  She knows he wouldn’t ask if he didn’t really need her help, so she goes along.  She is asked to sniff around the houses and see if she can identify a single smell that is present in all of them.  She identifies a human guard has been in all the houses she was showed.  She goes home, only to find out the next day that Zee has been arrested for the murder of that guard.  She knows he didn’t do it, but she is getting stonewalled every time she tries to investigate.  The deeper she gets into the investigation the more danger she finds herself in.
Adam and Samuel are not going to let her hover between them any longer.  And everyone is advising her to pick one, and pick one soon.  If she doesn’t, their might be an open war.
~~ This is much better then book two.  We find out some more info about the Fae, and we meet quite a few new Fae.  The relationship between Mercy, Adam and Samuel keeps you on the edge of your seat to know which one she will choose.  SPOILER: (highlight the text to read) but she does choose by the end of the book!  I can’t wait for the next book in this series!

Club Dead  (Sookie Stackhouse, Book 3) – by Charlaine Harris
Bill tells Sookie that he needs to go on a secret mission to an undisclosed location, and he has no idea how long he will be gone.  So she is totally surprised when she finds out that he has been kidnapped.  And even worse his “secret mission” was to go see his Sire (the vamp who turned him) who was also his former lover.  And, even worse, was that while there Bill started his relationship back up with her and he had planned to come back and end his relationwhip with Sookie to be with her.  Even though she is mad with Bill, Sookie still decides to go help rescue him.  So with the help of the sexy werewolf Alcide, she makes her way to where Bill was last seen.  And Sookie again finds herself in more trouble then she bargain for.
~~ I love the relationship with Alcide, which just drips with sexual tension.  The story takes turns that you don’t expect to see and has lots of action, which is good.

Dead to the World  (Sookie Stackhouse, Book 4) – by Charlaine Harris
Sookie is dealing with the emotional fallout of the end of her relationship with Bill when one night on her drive home from work she finds Eric running along the side of the road.  Only he doesn’t remember her, in fact he doesn’t remember anything at all.  She brings him home with her because she has no idea what else to do.  She finds out that this Eric is nothing like the old one.  He is sweet, insecure and totally irresistible.  Life with him is so easy.  But time is not on their side as the witch who attacked Eric is starting to cause all sorts of trouble, not just for the vampires, but for the werewolves and shapeshifters too.  They are on the verge of an all out war, and Sookie is right in the middle.  And during all of this her brother Jason goes missing, and no one knows what happened to him, or even if he is still alive.
~~ I love this Eric.  He is still has that sexy factor that he’s had all along, but now there is this gentleness to go along with it too.  Someone who needs to be protected and saved.  I like the way the witches are shown too.  The author is careful to make the distinction that not all witches or wiccans are bad, even though the main “bad guys” are bad witches.  That is a very fine line to walk, but she is able to do it.

Dead as a Doornail  (Sookie Stackhouse, Book 5) – by Charlaine Harris
Sookie is launched head-long into the world of shapeshifters (also called the two-natured).  Her brother, after his abduction of the last book, is now a were-panther, and she continues to see Alcide, who is a werewolf.  But after several two-natured people are shot, including her boss Sam, she finds that the local were-panther group suspects her brother as the shooter.  But it turns out that there is much more to this then just a few accidents.
~~ While this book isn’t bad, it isn’t the best in the series either.  There is nothing “wrong” with it, but it just doesn’t have a lot of a wow factor.

So that’s what I’ve read in the past two weeks.
I’m now reading the next book in the Sookie Stackhouse series.

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