Catnip Experiment – Week 1 – part 2

10 Oct

Routine:   Made a catnip infusion the day before, let it cool, and then put it into the fridge until I needed it.  Then I leaned over the tub and poured it over my head (I so should have let it warm up first!) until all my hair was covered, and then I squeezed out the excess (just enough so that it wasn’t dripping), put a shower cap on and left it on for an hour.  Then I got in the shower and rinsed it out really well.

Results:   Not that great.  My roots are greasy and my length isn’t all that nice either.  Although I will admit that it looks better then it feels.  All I can feel is a sticky mess.

Comments:   I’m having the same sticky hair that I had when I was Water Only.  So apparently the catnip isn’t good enough to get my hair clean.  Ktani from LHC (she is the catnip guru) normally shampoos her hair, gets out of the shower, puts on the catnip and leaves it on for an hour, then gets back in the shower and rinses it out.  I know that won’t work for me.  Getting in the shower twice really isn’t something I would enjoy.  But the reason that she leaves the catnip on for so long is that she wants to get the hair color (it leaves a light yellow stain).  The conditioning part doesn’t need that long to work.  So I’m thinking about washing my hair with Baking Soda and then using the catnip in the shower.  I’ll just let it soak while I do my other shower stuff and then rinse it out before I get out.  So it will get a good 5-10 minute soak.  We’ll find out if that’s enough.
I really like the idea of getting away from commercial products, so I’ll keep working at it until I find something that works.  If catnip doesn’t work, then it doesn’t.  But I’ll keep trying to find out ways of getting nice hair without going back to commercial stuff.  Just knowing that I’m not subjecting myself to all those chemicals is pretty freeing.
Ok, I’m really becoming a close-to-nature/hippie kind of girl.  I think I like it!

BTW:   My scalp problem (dandruff and itching) is steadily getting better.  So it had to be something either in all conditioners or in Pantene itself.  So I’m more willing to try other non-commercial stuff then ever before.

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