Catnip Experiment – Week 3

20 Oct

Preparation:   Made up my weeks worth of Baking Soda and Catnip.  I used 300ml of water (up from 250/275ml) in the catnip this time.

Routine:   Poured the baking soda onto my hair and massaged it around till it was foamy (it doesn’t foam up like normal shampoo, but it does “expand” when you work it) and then rinsed it out.  Then I made sure I squeezed out as much water as I could and then I poured the catnip on my hair.  I clipped up my hair and left it on for several minutes (maybe 5?) and then rinsed it out really well.

Results:   Great hair!  While it isn’t quite fantastic yet, it is quite nice.  It is smooth and silky and tangle free.  I didn’t even have to use Coconut Oil to get it this way.

Comments:   The catnip makes the hair feel really weird when it’s wet.  Almost greasy.  But it doesn’t affect it once it’s dry.  It’s just weird to have my hair all clean feeling from the baking soda, and then once the catnip is on if feels icky again.  But I guess I don’t care what it feels like when it’s wet, as long as it’s nice when it’s dry.  (just an FYI for anyone who wants to try this themselves)
I still need to trim my ends, I was planning to do that yesterday before my shower, but I forgot.  Maybe I’ll do that tonight.
I’m planning on putting some Coconut Oil on my hair every night before bed.  I think that will help condition my hair, and then I don’t have to worry about “greasy” looking hair during the day.  All the coconut oil soaks in after a few hours, so it just makes sense to let it soak in when no one will really see it.  And it also then reduces what I need to do in the morning 🙂 .

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Posted by on October 20, 2008 in Catnip for Hair


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