Book Review: 10-21-08

21 Oct

Definitely Dead  (Sookie Stackhouse, Book 6) – by Charlaine Harris
Sookie goes to New Orleans to close out her cousin’s apartment after her death.  Or re-death, as Hadley was a vampire and thus already dead.  She finds out that her cousin was the lover of the Queen of Louisiana and she (Hadley) had been quite upset when the Queen got married to the King of Arkansas.  Sookie needs to find out who killed her cousin, and why, before they try to harm someone else.  And in the middle of this there is Quinn, the handsome were-tiger, who is both a great help and a major distraction.
~~ I like this book.  It’s not fantastic, but it is good.  I’m not a big fan of Quinn, but he plays a very good role in this book.  We learn more of the vampire society, which is cool.  And as always Sookie is fun to spend time with.

All Together Dead  (Sookie Stackhouse, Book 7) – by Charlaine Harris
Sookie goes to the vampire summit as the guest of the Queen of Louisiana.  She is there to read the minds of anyone she can so that she can she if someone is plotting to harm the Queen.  Everyone knows there is danger, but no one knows where from.  At every turn there is more plots with in plots.  Sookie wants to have more time to spend with Quinn (who’s company prepared the event), but he is so busy she doesn’t get to see him much.  And we meet back up with Barry, the other telepath from Texas, and he and Sookie have fun playing with their “gift” together.
~~ Ok, from that description you would think that I didn’t like the book much, but in fact it might be my favorite in the series (tied with book #4).  I love Barry, and all that he brings to the story.  There is more on the ever growing list of love interests for Sookie.  And as always there is a mystery to solve.

Cry Wolf  (Alpha & Omega, Book 1) – by Patricia Briggs
This is set in the same world as the Mercy Thompson series.  But rather then focusing on Mercy’s pack we are focused on the Marrok’s pack.
Anna meets Charles when he rescues her from a pack that has been abusing her.  She was kept in check by that pack by repeated beatings and many rapes.  But then Charles comes and not only takes her away, but also tells her that he is her mate.  Although the wolf side of her accepts this, the human side of her is still very wary of men and relationships.  She and Charles just barely get home when his father sends him out on a dangerous mission to hunt down a rouge werewolf who has been attacking humans up in the mountains.  Anna decides to go along, and finds herself totally out of her element.  Charles and Anna only know the area that this rouge is in, so they have to search for it.  But they find much more then they ever expected.
~~ This is a fantastic book!  I really liked the Mercy Thompson series, and this one is just as good, if not even better.  I can’t wait for the rest of the books to come out!

Angels Fall – by Nora Roberts
Reese is always running.  She was the sole survivor of a shooting that killed all of her coworkers, and she has developed phobias of just about everything.  She lives in constant fear that someone is going to hurt her again.  This fear keeps her moving from town to town.  But when her car brakes down in the little town of Angels Fist, she has to find work to pay for the repairs.  She just barely gets settled when she sees a murder while hiking on trail.  But the cops find no evidence of a murder.  No body, no evidence, there isn’t even any sign that anybody was at that location.  While she is sure that this really happened, almost everyone seems to doubt that she saw anything.  They think she just had an “episode” and saw something that wasn’t there.  But then strange things start happening.  Her comes home to find her clothes packed.  Or her kitchen supplies in a coat closet.  One day her bathroom is covered with copies of the sketch of the victim.  She knows it is possible that she did all of those things, but she doesn’t remember doing them.  Is she doing these things, or is there someone trying to convince her that she is really crazy?
~~ As always Nora Roberts writes a fantastic book.  Reece is deep and it is wonderful to watch her become a whole person again.  There is a great twist in the end that is totally shocking.
This is also a Lifetime movie.

Dune  (Dune Chronicles, Book 1) – by Frank Herbert
The planet Dune, or Arrakis, is a desert planet.  It is the only source of the Spice, which is a drug of sorts that gives the taker health and long life, but is also addictive.  Paul’s father, Duke Leto Atreides, has been given the responsibility of governing this prized planet.  So the whole Atreides household moves to Arrakis.  But soon after their arival the Duke is killed by their enimies, the family Harkonnen, and Paul and his mother must flee into the deep desert to escape the same fate.  The seek refuge amonst the Fremen, the desert dwellers who see Paul as their messiah.  Paul himself is starting to realize that he is different from other people.  He can see into the future.  He can see a dangerous war coming, and he is trying to do all he can to stop it from happening.  The Fremen give him the name Muad’Dib to make him a part of their world.  After several years he becomes a very prominant part of the Fremen society.  Eventually he leads the Fremen to take back the planet from the Harkonnen.
~~ This is an AWESOME book.  There is so much detail that you can really imagne yourself in this world.  All of the characters are interesting, and the stories is almost impossible to put down.
This is both a movie (from the 80’s I think) and the Sci-fi Channel made a mini-series based on this book.  As with most things I saw the mini-series first, and liked it so much I decided to read the book.  If you like this book at all I highly recommend the mini-series (the movie was ok, but the mini-series is great!).

Dune Messiah  (Dune Chronicles, Book 2) – by Frank Herbert
We pick up the story of Paul/Muad’Dib 12 years after the first book.  He is now the Emperor and his army has traveled the universe bringing everyone (or almost everyone) under the rule of Muad’Dib.  The war that he tried so hard to avoid is now a reality.  He tries to find a way to get rid of this godhood that has been given him.  But every road seems to lead to the same result.  He knows the only way out is for him to be gone and for his child to fix the mistakes he made.  But his love, Chani, hasn’t been able to get pregnant.  While many forces are comming together to bring his distruction, Paul tries to stay one step ahead and do what needs to be done.
~~  This is a great continuation of the story.  You really feel the strugle that Paul faces, the fact that he knows the future, but is unable to change it.
This, combined with the next book Children of Dune, is another mini-series from Sci-fi Channel.  I like this mini-series almost better then the first.


My next book was loaned to me by a coworker.  It’s called Nature of Daughters.

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