Catnip Experiment – Week 4 – part 2

31 Oct

Preparation:   I used the second half of the batches of both Baking Soda and Catnip that I made on sunday.

Routine:   I put some of the Baking Soda on my hair and massaged it around then rinsed it out.  Then I applied the Catnip, starting at the back of the neck and working forward.  I clipped up my hair and let that sit for maybe 5 minutes and then rinsed it.
I put coconut oil on it this morning.

Results:   It was dry until I used the coconut oil.  It’s still a little on the dry side now, but it’s ok.

Comments:   This week was totally different then all the previous weeks, so I’m thinking I did something that made it this way.
1 – I think I used to much baking soda.  I think that made the solution to strong and dries out my hair to much.  I think I need to start measuring it rather then just dumping some in my shampoo bottle.
2 – I only let the catnip stew for little while (like a half hour), instead of several hours like I normally do.  I think that the oils in the catnip didn’t come out into the water before I strained it.  So I’ll make sure to make the batch early enough that I can let it sit and totally cool off for several hours before I strain it.

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Posted by on October 31, 2008 in Misc Stuff


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