Samhain 2008

31 Oct

Happy All Hallows Eve!

Samhain (also known as Halloween and All Hallows) is probably my favorite of the Sabbats.
It’s kind of tied with Ostara and Yule.

I kind of think of All Hallows as the day that you take the time to remember the past.  It may be the loss of a loved one (the traditional meaning), or the friend or family memeber you’re no longer in contact with, or a house or place that you no longer get to visit, or a hobby that you used to love but has been lost over time.  It’s also a time to think about all that has happened in the past year.  For me it’s a day to remember what was, enjoy what is, and take that knowledge to plan for the future.

So here are some things that I remember about the past:

I remember one summer when I was about 8 my dad and uncle were replacing the roof on my grandpa’s garage.  Even though it was hard work there was also a lot of laughing and joking around.  There was lots of stories from their childhood and the teasing that siblings tend to do.  I was deemed the official gofer (I quite often was now that I think about it), so I was always running around to get this or that.  I’d get nails if they needed them, or bring a cool drink when they got thirsty.  We had grilled food every night, and we normally ate it outside.
It was lots of fun, and probably one of my favorite memories of that time in my life.

When I was 15 I had a job on the farm of a lady who had two horses and about 30 cats that she had taken in.  I remember how much I loved standing in the pasture and watching the horses graze.  The beauty of watching the seasons change.  The feel of horseflesh beneath my hands while I brushed them.  And how funny the horses looked when they started to loose their winter coats.  Or the time I spent in the cat houses (that were actually old farm buildings) and how excited all the cats were to have a person there to pet them.  I would end up just covered in cats.  There would be several on my lap, a couple on the arm of the chairs, and a lot more rubbing my legs hoping for some attention.  I never minded the work.  I hated doing chores around the house, but all the stuff I did there never seemed like work.  Even when it was below zero and I looked like the marshmallow man because I had so many layers of clothes on.  I didn’t even mind the blisters on my hands from mucking out the stalls.
To this day remembering that place brings me total peace.

I remember the feeling I had when I walked into my house the day a bought it.  I had a lot of feelings racing around inside of me.  I was excited to have a place that was all mine.  I couldn’t wait to move all my stuff in and truly make it mine.  But mostly I remember this sense of peace.  I finally felt like I was home.


I’ve realized that I need to make some changes around the house.  I have a second bedroom that I’ve been using for storage.  But it was supposed to be my meditation/reading room.  I kept it that way for the first two years I lived there, but then I put one box of stuff in there, which became two boxes, which became a pile of stuff, and now I can barely get in there.  I want to reclaim that place.  I want to move all of that stuff out of there this weekend.

And I want to start drawing again.  I love to draw and every once and a while I get the urge to draw something.  I think I need to bring out my drawing supplies again.  I want to keep them somewhere that I can get at them whenever the urge strikes.  Not packed away and inaccessible.

Oh, and I’m taking a big step today.  I’m wearing my pentacle on the outside of my clothes today.  I normally keeped it tucked in under my shirt.  But today I’m wearing it out for everyone to see.  I thought I would feel self-contous about it, but instead I’m feelling empowered.

So those are some things I’m thinking about this Hallows Eve.

Blessed Be

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This post is dedicated to those that I have lost:
Sammy, Shadow, Smokey, and most importantly my Dad    Lawrence Peter Bach
I miss you all very much.
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