Catnip Experiment – Week 5

03 Nov

Preparation:   I mixed up a batch of both Baking Soda and Catnip.  I’ve found that I get the best results with the catnip when I take the time to shake it when it’s still hot.  Here’s what I do:  I put the hot water in a plastic container with the catnip, screw on the top, then I open the cap (or pop top?  I don’t know what else to call it) and squeeze the container a little before I close it back up (I do that because hot water expands when you shake it, I had it explode on me once!) then I shake it.  I spend about 5 minutes shaking it, letting the air out, and then closing it back up and shaking it again.  I also let the catnip remain in that water until it is completely cool (several hours) before I strain it.

Routine:   I poured the Baking Soda over my hair and massaged it around.  My mixture was a little weak, so I ended up using more then normal.  Once I rinsed that out and squeezed as much water out of my hair as possible I poured on the catnip.  After all the excess had run off I clipped my hair up and let it sit.  It ended up sitting for about 10 minutes, then I rinsed it out.

Results:   Pretty good hair.  Not fantastic, but better then just ok.  It was a little dry until I put some coconut oil on it.  Now it’s smooth and sleek.

Comments:   I think I need to start measuring the Baking Soda.  I’m not going to get consistent results if I don’t always use the same amount.  When I go to the store this week I’ll pick up a container that I can use to exactly measure out the amount of water, and I’ll also start measuring the baking soda it self.
Shaking the catnip really seams to help.  I think that maybe it ends up drawing more out of the catnip this way.  I think just pouring it in the container only gets a small amount of the oil out of it, but by shaking it you are pulling more out.  Like if you are making tea, if you just place a tea bag in the water it will make tea, but it won’t be very strong.  But if you repeatedly dunk the tea bag, or even use a spoon to press the tea bag to the side of the cup, then you get a much darker and stronger tea.  I think the same applies here.

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Posted by on November 3, 2008 in Misc Stuff


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