Book Review: 11-5-08

05 Nov

I really need to start doing these reviews weekly.  They get to long to do every other week.  And I’m also finding that it’s harder to remember the books that I read two weeks ago.  I’ll try to do a report every Tuesday.

Nature of Daughters  by Elizadeth Hetherington
This is a book about a girl named Renata who has a twin sister Rene.  Renata spends most of her free time either alone or with her father, and Rene is almost always with theirmother.  Renata has a hard life.  She is ritually beaten by her mother, almost to the point of death.  She doesn’t really know her twin, even though they share a bedroom.  It is almost like they live separate lives.  Renata with her father, and Rene with her mother.  They only come together for a silent supper, and then they go their separate ways.
But one day everything changes.  The sisters find out that they are more similar then either of them knew.  They both have an odd attraction to death.  They spend a lot of their time thinking about death and killing.  The girls form an alliance and start doing things together, but this causes problems with their mother who wants Rene to have nothing to do with her father or Renata.
~~ I’m so not doing the book justice with that description.  It is a very dark book.  The twins are both aroused by death and killing.  By the end of the book both of the twins have killed someone.  And in the end their father (who has killed several people as well) teaches them how to kill without getting caught.
Even though this is a dark book it is also pretty good.  I don’t know that I would read it again, but it was also very hard to put it down.
This book is by a local author, and I can’t find where to buy her books.

Grave Sight (Harper Connelly, Book 1)  by Charlaine Harris
Harper has a unique ability.  She can “feel” the dead.  She can use this sense to find a body and she can even relive that person’s last moments.  Harper and her brother travel around the country helping people who presume that their loved one has died.  She either finds the body, or if they already have the body she can tell them how that person died.
Harper and her brother travel to a town to work a case where a couple has gone missing.  The man was found dead, but they haven’t been able to find the girl.  The sheriff thinks that the guy killed his girlfriend before he killed himself.  But Harper finds the body of the girl, and it turns out that they were both killed by the same person.  After endless questions from the police Harper and her brother leave that town thinking that their job is done.  But they get called back when the mother of the girlfriend gets killed herself.  Even though they didn’t have anything to do with it they are called back for questioning.  But they find out that someone has it out for them.  Someone is trying to hide a secret, and Harper won’t be able to leave until she finds out who is responsible.
~~ This is a great book.  Again Charlaine does a great job of making the fantastic seem totally possible, and even normal.  The story is unpredictable and fun.  I highly recommend it!

Grave Surprise  (Harper Connelly, Book 2)  by Charlaine Harris
This book continues right after the last one.  Harper and her brother travel to a town where a collage professor is “testing” psychics.  He takes them to a grave site where all the information is known about the occupants.  The psychics are then asked to correctly assess the death of each person.  Harper, of course, has no problem telling exactly how each person died.  But she finds out that one grave has two occupants.  One is the original person, but there is also a second person buried above that one, the body of a little girl.  And it just so happens that Harper was hired to find that little girl several months before.
This again sends Harper and her brother into a situation where they are in over their heads.  It seems that someone pulled them into this situation, they just don’t know who.
~~ This is an even better book then the first one.  There is more mystery, and more plots-within-plots.

The Circle Trilogy  by Nora Roberts
This trilogy is one story that is broken up into three parts.  They all happen in a few months time.  The story revolves around six people. Hoyt, a sorcerer, who has time traveled to the present time from 1000 years in the past.  Cian who is Hoyt’s twin brother, and also a vampire, and has lived for 1000 years.  Glenna is a witch who is living in New York.  Moira is a princess and travels from the world of Geall.  Larkin is Moira’s cousin and also a shape shifter.  And lastly is Blair who is a vampire hunter.
Morrigan’s Cross:  The story starts with Hoyt who is living approximately 1000 years ago.  His brother has just been turned by the vampire Lillith.  Hoyt decides that the only way to avenge his brother is to kill both Lillith and the vampire who used to be his brother.  He goes up agains them both, but almost dies in the proscess.  Soon after he is visited by the goddess Morrigan.  She gives him a great mission.  He is to leave his time and gather a group of six.  These six will fight a battle against an army that Lillith has raised.  So Hoyt leaves his family and travels into the future, and just “happens” to pop out in his brother’s apartment in New York.  Cian thinks that his brother is crazy to think that a goddess actually told him that six people will be able to win a war against an army of vampires.  They quickly meet Glenna, who has also been visited by Morrigan, and was told to seek out Hoyt.  Hoyt convinces both of them that they need to travel to Ireland where the rest of the circle will find them.  They eventually meet up with Moira and Larkin who have traveled from the world of Geall.  They start training to fight what seems like an unwinnable battle.  They are at last joined by Blair who jumps in and tries to kill Cian because she thinks that he is trying to kill them.  During all of this Hoyt and Glenna start falling in love with each other.
Dance of the Gods:  The story continues as the circle of six continue to train for the upcoming battle, which is to take place in Geall.  They have to figure out when to go to Geall, and how they are going to convince the peaceful people there that they need to fight a battle against creatures they don’t even think are real.  Through all this hard work Larkin and Blair find that they are attracted to each other.  Even though Blair resists this, they eventually fall in love.
Valley of Silence:  The six are now in Geall training the people to fight against the much bigger and stronger army of vampires.  Moira, who becomes the queen of Geall, prepares to lead her people into battle.  Lillith has quite a few surprises in store for them, and they are constantly in danger.  Moira and Cian have an attraction that each of them is trying to resist.  But before the battle they give in to each other and their desires.  They both know that there is no way that this relationship will work.  Cian is a vampire who will never age and longs to go back to his own time, and Moira is a queen who can’t leave her people.
The book ends with the battle lead by the circle of six.
~~ This is an AWESOME trilogy.  I really couldn’t put these books down.  Each book has a love story, and it is amusing that the circle members end up parring up with each other.  I believe this is the first time that Nora Roberts has ventured into the paranormal world.  I believe that she does a good job.  She obviously knows how to write a mystery, and it was nice to see that she was able to accurately grasp this new world.  She makes a few mistakes, but they are small ones, and I don’t think most people will notice them.
If you like either Nora Roberts or the fantasy/supernatural world I would highly recommend that you read these.


I’m now reading book 3 in the Dune Chronicles.

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