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this just blows

WordPress is now blocked at work.  Which totally SUCKS!  That’s where I did most of my posting from.

I could just do all my posting from home, but my time is always limited at home, which is why I started posting from work in the first place.  I’ve gotten used to posting something whenever it pops into my head, and I know I’m bound to forget what I wanted to post about by the time I get home.

Another option is that when I think of something I want to post about that I just write it in a email to myself and then quickly post it when I get home.

I have a lot of potential post ideas that have been rolling around in my head, but I just haven’t had the chance to write about them.

So I might not be doing a bunch of posting for the next little while until I get a new routine figured out.

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new zazzle products 1-9-09

I’ve made some more Zazzle products.  I’ve always loved the Coexist bumberstickers (the one with the different symbols making up the words) so I decided to make a line of Coexist stuff.  And being me I couldn’t just take an image off the web and copy that exactly, I had to make it my own.  What I didn’t like about the ones I found on the web was that most didn’t have the Pentacle as the “O” symbol, most had it over the “I”.  So I combined a couple different designs and made my own in several colors.

Here’s a sample of what they look like:
Coexist Collage


I’ve only made the set in aprons so far, but in the next week or so I’ll try to get the rest done.


I also updated my Pentacle page here on EbN.  Even though I had finished the Pentacle products a while ago I totally forgot to post them here!  So now all of those are listed.

If you want to see an up-to-date list of all of my products you can go to my Zazzle Gallery.

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a little pissed off right now

I order a LOT of stuff online.  Where most people check out stores for stuff they need, my first reaction is to hop online and see if I can find it.  The result of that is that I receive a lot of packages, so I’ve gotten to know the shipping companies pretty well.

There are three companies that are most commonly used (in my area at least):  Fedex,  UPS, and USPS (the post office).

Both Fedex and UPS are great.  They are fast, reliable and on time.  I get most of my packages in 3 or 4 days no matter the size or where they are shipped from.  If they say your package will be delivered on X date, it will be delivered on that date, if not sooner (the only exception I’ve found is extremely bad weather).  They have tracking information that is up-to-date, down to the minute (I once checked a UPS package and found it had been delivered one minute earlier).  UPS will even will put your box into a plastic bag if there is supposed to be rain or snow!  In short they do exactly what they are supposed to.  Every single time.

The Post Office on the other hand is terrible.  For a standard package it takes 7 days for me to get it.  Only on rare occasions will I get it quicker, quite often it will take longer.  They don’t take care of the packages, and quite often they come banged up, not enough to damage the contents, but still damaged.  And they have no respect for weather (this could just be my local carrier though).  I once found a package thrown onto a snow bank next to (not in front of) my door, and it had snowed since then and completely covered it.  The only way I found it was because I thought that it would be delivered that day and I rooted around in the snow just in case it was in there.  Their tracking information is terrible.  Quite often I’ll check after I receive a package to find that they only list three lines (even if shipped across the country):  1 – Electronic Information Recieved  2 – Packaged Arrived at Facility  3 – Delivered.  Quite a bit of missing information, don’t you think?
And, if all of that wasn’t enough, several times in the past year alone they have totally miss-routed my packages!  One time it was shipped from Illinois (I live in Wisconsin) and some how it ended up in MASSACHUSETTS!!  Where it preceded to sit around for another week or so (because they didn’t know what to do with it I assume), until they shipped it back to ILLINOIS and then finally to me.  Over all it took 2-1/2 or 3 weeks for me to get my package.


Last week I placed an order with Amazon (which is my favorite place to shop, I even have their credit card which gives me money back to spend at Amazon 🙂 ).  I got my “your order has been shipped” email today (just a few minutes ago in fact).  Guess who they used?  That’s right THE POST OFFICE!

If they mess this one up I will totally loose it.  I can guarantee you that I will write both Amazon and USPS and tell them in no uncertain terms how pissed off I am!

Isn’t it bad that when I find out that something is being shipped by the post office that I feel like I have to cross my fingers that it gets here on time and in one piece?

Now it is quite possible that everything will be fine.  That my package will arrive with no damage and on time (one week from now, but still on time).

Keep your fingers crossed.  Say a prayer or two.  Wish on a falling star………

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looking ahead

I’ve been feeling pretty quiet and private lately.  I haven’t been feeling like writing much.  But I have been doing some deep thinking.

I’ve made a list of stuff that I want to change in my life.  I don’t want to call them “goals” because I hate that term, but these are things that I really want to make a point to accomplish, not just this year, but for the rest of my life.

Here it goes:
1 – make a meal from scratch at least 3 days a week  (and freeze leftovers)
2 – find a healthy snack for work  (so I stop going to the vending machine!)
3 – clean out the small bedroom and reclaim that as my reading/meditation/altar room
4 – plan a full moon & solstice ritual, even if it only takes a minute or two
5 – meditate every day for at least 10 minutes
6 – do yoga at least 3 times a week  (maybe even every day after work!)
7 – continue learning/practicing reiki, find a way to use it more often
8 – do the dishes every day and not let them pile up until I run out of dishes  😦
9 – pay the bills when they come, not when they are a couple days past due
10 – keep the house clean and deal with stuff rather then just letting it pile up
11 – actually plant the flower garden that I’ve been planning for the last 4 years
12 – keep at training my dog Lola, and not get lazy and let her do whatever she wants
13 – continue to find new products & habits that are easier on the planet and bring me closer to nature

As you can see that is quite a list.  But these are all things I’ve been wanting to do.  I tend to have the attitude of I’ll just skip today and then that day becomes two days, which becomes a week…..
But I really, really want to do all of those things.  It will just take lots of stubborn determination to keep doing it until they become habit.  And I am nothing if not stubborn.  😛

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I did a much needed update to the Dragon Cave Breeds page.  I added the Autumn, Winter and the new Christmas “Yulestag”.  I even got the image for the hatchling (without wings) for last year’s christmas dragon (can I just say that I was kind of disappointed that I wasn’t able to get that dragon this year. I like the new one, but I was so looking forward to getting the old one).

I didn’t add the the Vampire dragon because the images are still on my old computer, which I didn’t quite feel like dragging it out at the moment.

I’ll try to be better about keeping it updated.  I tend to remember to updated it while I’m at work, but by the time I get home I totally forget.  So just try to be patient with me ok?

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