EbN Updates 3.21.09

21 Mar

I decided do do some updating to the Dragon Cave part of the site.

Dragon Cave:  I updated this to include all of my newest dragons.  I’m pretty close to getting 2 sets of each breed!

Dragon Cave Breeds:  I was asked to take the original version of this down because I didn’t have permission to post the images of the eggs and hatchlings.  Then BIRD left a comment asking if there was a way to put the descriptions back up without the images.  So I decided rather then include all of the images I would just create a link to my adult dragon of that breed as an example.  I don’t have all of the breeds, but I do have most of them, so it worked out rather well.

Dragon Cave Help Guide:  This is a new page!  I was going to create a post with this info, and then I realised that posts get lost and it would be a pain to try to keep a post updated with the newest info.  So instead I created it as it’s own page.
I have some more ideas to add to this page, but for now it is just a list of where I go to get views for my dragons and a little bit of explaining about those places.

So as you can see I’ve been pretty busy!  I know that most of the people that come here are viewing the DC pages, and I’ll try to keep them up to date and filled with new information.

Go check them out!

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