long time, no see!

26 May

I just realized how long it’s been since my last post!  I so need to update more often.

First some site related stuff:  I updated the Dragon Cave Breeds with the latest images and descriptions.  And I also updated the Links section.  There was quite a bit of new links that I wanted to add and several I deleted.

The reason I haven’t been updating lately is because I’ve been busy working on a project.  It started quite simply with reading the Twilight series and watching the movie.  One of the extras on the dvd was an interview with the author Stephenie Meyer.  In it she said that one day she had a dream and just started writing.  She didn’t plan it, but it just happened.

For some reason that simple statement really inspired me, and it gave me this huge epiphany.

I’ve always considered myself a dreamer.  As a child I was always dreaming up something or another.  Some of it was normal childhood stuff, playing with toys and making them do and say things.  But sometimes I would also dream up things like song lyrics and detailed stores with imaginary characters.  As I grew up I started reading a lot and I sort of channeled those dreams into the stories I found there.  But that’s as far as I would take it.  It was something I would do in my spare time.  It was a hobby.  I never thought of it as anything else.

Until I saw that interview with Stephenie Meyer.  Then I got inspired.  What if I didn’t view myself as a dreamer but as a creative person.  Someone who takes what they dream and actually does something with it.  It may seem like a subtle distinction, but it was a big deal for me.  In that moment of realization I got this burst of inspiration and came up with an idea for a book.  A book series actually.

But I’ve never tried to write something before.  Not something like this.  But I just had to try.  I haven’t gotten very far, only about 10 pages, but it seems like the first pages were the hardest.  I had to think of names for people and places.  What job would my main character have?  How would I start the story?  How would I introduce the main characters?
But now I’ve gotten that nailed down (I think) so the writing is going much easier.  I don’t know how long it will take me, but I’ve found I really like it.  Creating a story that only comes to life through me.

So forgive me if I’m not posting a lot.  I enjoy writing on this blog, and I’ll try to make a point to do it more often.  But if I’m gone for a while now at least you’ll know the reason.  🙂

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