About Me

Wheel of Being

— Hi!  I’m WillowMoon

So, you wanna get to know me hu?
Well here are some things that will help you out:

–I’m pagan.  I don’t “affiliate” myself with any specific type or sect, but I tend to call myself an eclectic or nature pagan.
–I’m also a vegetarian.  I made the decision in 2007.  I was pretty much a vegetarian anyway, I only ate meat if I thought I should, not because I really liked it.  It was more just a decision to do what came naturally.
–I love animals; and share my house with my wonderful cat Sebastian and my dog Lola.
–I’m pretty much a hermit, and rarely leave my house if I don’t have to (I was unemployed for over a year and only left the house once every 2-4 weeks to go shopping).
–I’m a terrible house keeper.  My mother always kept a really clean house (including an all day cleaning marathon every saturday) so when I moved out on my own I “rebelled” a little bit and didn’t do much in the cleaning realm.  Unfortunately that became a habit.
–I own my own home, and I’m constently adding and changing things, inside and out (a new fence last year, now a garden!), slowly making it feel more and more like home.

Hobbies: movies/tv, reading, drawing, playing computer games, and of course: surfing the web

Things I love (in no particular order): the moon, fog, the crispness of the air in the morning in the fall, watching a gentle snow fall, when Sebastian looks at me with total love, getting lost in a good story (in books or tv), thinking about totally hypothetical things as if they were real, when Sebastian acts off-the-wall crazy just to get me to smile, learning something new, finding a new passion.

That’s all for the moment.  If I think of more, I’ll add it.


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