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EbN updates – Chicken Smoothie page

I added a new page called Chicken Smoothie here on EbN.

Chicken Smoothie is a site where you can adopt pets and watch them grow.  You don’t need views, clicks or feedings for these guys, they grow up on their own.  Each pet has the potential to grow up into one of several different variations, so you won’t know what it will be until it grows up.

So there is yet another addition to my ever growing adoptable pets list.  Check them out if you have a moment!

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EbN pages updated: Valenth and Dragon Cave Breeds

I’ve updated two of EbN’s pages, the Valenth page and the Dragon Cave Breeds page.

Valenth:  I added my new pets.  I’ve noticed that alot of people are coming here for valenth stuff, so I’ll try to keep this page updated.  Give them some clicks if you have time!

DC Breeds:  I added the images for the two new breeds (Guardian & Season), the two new alternates (Black & Plant).  I also added the “Other” breeds (Dinos & Chicken), which I didn’t have listed before.  I’m still missing two Dino sprites, I’ll keep trying to hunt them down.
I don’t have the descriptions on the new breeds or the others, but I’ll try to get to that soon.

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Book Reading Log

I’ve added a new page called Book Reading Log.

I started keeping a log of what I read when I bought my house in the summer of 2004.  So I decided to just copy that down here as well.  And it will also be nice to have a back up in case I ever spill something on my log book.

I list the title, author, when I start and finish them, and I’ll also rate them by how good I think they are.  I’ve listed them with the newest first, so my most current will always be on top.
I’ve gotten all of 2008 done, and I’ll add the other years when I have time.

I also need to get my book list done.  I used to have a file that listed all of them (not just title and author, but also the year and number of pages), but since a computer crash a year ago I lost that file.  So now I need to start all over.  So once I’ve gotten around to writing down all that info I’ll get that listed here too.

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if you don’t see me, my nose is probably buried in a book….

Part of the reason I haven’t been posting much lately is because I’ve been spending quite a bit of time reading.  I quite often have a book going, but lately most of my free time has been spent reading.

It started with the Harry Potter books.  I decided it was time to re-read through the series again.  I don’t think I’ve done that since the last book came out.  So I started pouring through those.  And boy did I ever pour through them.  The fattest book (book 5 – the order of the phoenix) only took me 2 or 3 days, and that was during the work week.

After that I read the book Eragon by Christopher Paolini.  I saw the movie several months ago, but I didn’t know it was based on a book.  As usual when I love a movie, I love the book even more.  It is perfect.  It is much like the Harry Potter books, in that it is easy enough for kids, but mature enough for adults as well.  I was surprised (pleasantly) that the movie and the book were so much alike.  Most of the time the movie version tends to stray from what is in the book from time to time, but this one is almost spot on.
This book is about a boy who finds what he thinks is a large stone in the forest one day.  He continues to think that it is just a stone until that stone starts to hatch.  He is quite surprised when a dragon falls out of that egg, and he ends up caring for this little dragon that grows very quickly.  But what he doesn’t know is that the egg was stolen from the king, and that he will stop at nothing to get it back.  After the kings assassins find out who he is he has to flee his home and try to find a safe place for him and his dragon.
Eragon is the first book in the series, I already ordered the second book Eldest, and the third book, Brisingr, is coming out this month.

The next book I read was The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan.  This is the first book in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.  I LOVE this book.  It is written as if the 12 year old boy this book is about was talking.  So it is full of things that kids that age say.  But rather then making it seem childish or dull, it makes the character better and makes you understand him more.
This book is about a boy, Percy Jackson, who is a normal kid in most ways.  He is the only child of a single mother, and gets into a fair bit of trouble at school.  The result of which means that he ends up changing schools at least once a year.  Until one day he finds out that he is the son of an greek god.  That means he can do things that most other kids can’t, but it also means that evil creatures want to kill him.  He is thrown into this world he doesn’t know or understand, and he has to struggle to keep up.
I have always loved the greek gods, and this book takes those old stories and brings them into today.  I HIGHLY recommend this book!

Then I read Carolina Moon by Nora Roberts.  Again I saw the movie first, and the book did not disappoint!
Tory Bodeen is a most unusual girl.  She can see into other people’s heads.  This got her into much trouble as a child from her father who thought that those visions were from the devil, and every time she would say something that he thought was from a vision (which was quite often) he would beat her bloody.  Tory saw the rape and death of her best friend.  After she told the family exactly where to find her body, and told them what happened the night before, rumors started circling around their small town.  It was to much for her father, who quickly moved them away.
Tory, now an adult, is still haunted by the memory of her childhood friend and what happened to her that night.  After running way from that memory for years, she comes back to the town where it all happened.  She finds herself the talk of the town and finds that no one has forgotten the little girl that she was.  She is soon swept up in mystery when she finds out that the person who killed her friend has killed again.
This is a great story about a damaged girl who is ashamed of her gift, into a strong woman who embraces it.  While this is a romance book, it is mostly in a drama/mystery genre.

Now I am reading the book Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris.
Now I’m only about half way through, but I already like it.  It is about a woman, Sookie, who lives in a world where vampires have “come out of the coffin” and are now a recognized member of society.  She desperately wants to meet one, but she fears one will never come into her small town.  One day her dream comes true.  She ends up starting a very unusual relationship with him.
Like I said I’m only part way through the book, but I can’t wait to see how it ends!  There is a tv series that starts this coming week that is based on the book.  The series is called True Blood, and it airs on HBO on sunday at 8pm (central).  I can guarantee you that I’ll be watching!

Now that I’ve read over what I’ve written here, I saw that what I’ve said seems almost like what you would see on the back cover of a book.  I think I’ll make a new post catogory here on EbN called Book Reviews.  When I read a book post what I think of it!

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some more EbN adjustments/additions

Last night I changed around some of the pages here on EbN.

1 – I created a new page called Online Pets.  I placed Dragon Cave as a sub-page under that.

2 – I also added the page Valenth (also as a sub-page to Online Pets), which is a site similar to DC, where you adopt eggs and they grow up based on how many clicks they get.  I’m new to Valenth, but it seems pretty cool.

3 – I changed the names of three pages:  Pictures, which used to be My Pictures, and I also changed it to be a sub-page under About Me;  DC Images, which used to be Dragon Cave 2, and is still a sub-page under DC;  and My Store, which used to be Zazzle Items (still has the same stuff, just a different name).

These changes are just to make the site a little easier to get around, and now that I have the site navigation on the top of the page I need to keep the “base pages” to a small number to keep it clean looking.

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in case you haven’t noticed…..

I’ve changed themes on the blog today!

I was getting board with my old theme.  While I really liked it, it just didn’t seem to fit anymore.  I also wanted something that had a wider column for the posts.  That way the posts won’t seem quite so long.  Well they’ll still be long, cause lets face it, most of my post could be classified as a short story…. 😛

After weeks of looking at all the themes I kept coming back to this one.  While I’m not crazy about the flowers on the top of the screen, I love the rest of it.  Don’t get me wrong, I love flowers (and being that the blog is named Elemental by NATURE, it sure fits), but those flowers look kind of fake.  To bad I can’t customize it.  But I’ve come to realize that no theme is perfect, so you just have to take the one that you like the best and has the least amount of “defects”.

I also added two new widgets (the stuff in the column on the left –>>).
They are the Top Posts widget, which tells you the most viewed posts, and is located below the Tags widget;  the second one is the Blog Stats widget, which tells you how many views this blog has received (since it opened on 5.1.08), and is on the very bottom below the Archive widget.
Another feature of this theme is the RSS feed links at the very bottom of the page.

So I hope you like the change.  It makes this place feel more like home to me…..

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More Zazzle Items

I added more stuff to my zazzle gallery.  There are now aprons, keychains, t-shirt, bumpersticker, mousepads, and bags.  And soon there will be shoes too!

So far I only have the Wheel of Being and Magic Square stuff, but I’ll work on more stuff to add to the line.  So go check out either My Store here on EbN, or My Gallery on Zazzle.

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