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new zazzle products 1-9-09

I’ve made some more Zazzle products.  I’ve always loved the Coexist bumberstickers (the one with the different symbols making up the words) so I decided to make a line of Coexist stuff.  And being me I couldn’t just take an image off the web and copy that exactly, I had to make it my own.  What I didn’t like about the ones I found on the web was that most didn’t have the Pentacle as the “O” symbol, most had it over the “I”.  So I combined a couple different designs and made my own in several colors.

Here’s a sample of what they look like:
Coexist Collage


I’ve only made the set in aprons so far, but in the next week or so I’ll try to get the rest done.


I also updated my Pentacle page here on EbN.  Even though I had finished the Pentacle products a while ago I totally forgot to post them here!  So now all of those are listed.

If you want to see an up-to-date list of all of my products you can go to my Zazzle Gallery.

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more Zazzle items

I’ve updated my Zazzle Items page with all the new stuff I’ve created.  It’s now listed by item type (apron, mug, mousepad…) rather then by the date I created them.

I now have a buch of products:

2 Aprons:  one with the Wheel of Being (WoB) design, and one with the Magic Square (MS).
2 Bags:  one with the WoB, and one with the MS.
1 Bumpersticker:  with the WoB and a decorative border.
3 Keychains:  one with the WoB, one with the WoB enlarged, and one with the MS.
2 Mousepads:  one with the WoB and the decorative border, and one with the WoB enlarged.
1 Mug:  with the WoB on both sides and the MS in the center.
3 Shoes:  one with the WoB on the toe and the MS on the heel, the other two are the WoB enlarged so that it covers the whole shoe, in dark and light versions.
1 T-shirt:  with the WoB on the front.

My next project is to create a pentacle with the pictures used in the WoB, and then I can created products with that.

I’m really having fun making all this stuff.  It’s fun to play around and create whatever comes to mind.  Although I thought the shoes with the enlarged WoB would be the death of me.  The way the shoes are designed you have to place the images on the toe, heel, and the sides separately.  So that meant a lot of time trying to line up the side pictures with the one on the front.  Then I had to repeat the process for the other version.  But I really like how they turned out.  I think they might be my favorite pieces.

So once I get the pentacle done then I’ll start posting more products with that.
If you want to see my latest stuff just go to my Zazzle Gallery.

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More Zazzle Items

I added more stuff to my zazzle gallery.  There are now aprons, keychains, t-shirt, bumpersticker, mousepads, and bags.  And soon there will be shoes too!

So far I only have the Wheel of Being and Magic Square stuff, but I’ll work on more stuff to add to the line.  So go check out either My Store here on EbN, or My Gallery on Zazzle.

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EbN Updates – Zazzle Page

Zazzle is a place where you can buy lots of stuff:  t-shirts, cards, posters, shoes, calendars, mugs, bags, bumper stickers, aprons, hats, buttons, keychains, magnets, mousepads, and even postage!  There is alot of stuff from the Zazzle people themselves, but the really cool thing is that anybody can create something and put it up for sale.  So there are literally millions of products out there!

You can use it as a store to buy cool stuff (and there is alot of cool stuff!), but you can also create stuff for yourself.  Looking for a great birthday gift for your mother?  Why not make mom a personalized t-shirt!  Father’s day?  Make dad a custom tie!
And unlike other “custom” places that take weeks or months to get your item, Zazzle can ship your item in 24 hours!  Even the custom stuff!  Well technically all their stuff is custom, they only make the stuff you order after you actually order it.

But in addition to having all this great stuff for you to order, and being able to make customizable stuff, you can also create stuff for others to buy!  You can make things and place them up for sale.  You create it, you set the mark up, and you get money every time someone buys one of your items!  You can have a “store” of stuff without having to worry about keeping items in stock, or what happens if your new product doesn’t sell like you think it will.  You have no cost.  You just create the stuff and receive the money.

So I decided to create a store there.  My Zazzle Gallery has all the items that I create.
Here is my first one:

I also created a page here on EbN:  My Store.  The page here will give an in depth description of the designs, and list the pictures of all of the products.

So check it out!  Buy, create, sell, whatever works for you!

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