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back in the saddle

I know I haven’t posted in quite a while.  First I was busy, then it just became habit not to write.

But lately I’ve been feeling the itch to write again.  So I’m going to try to post more often.

Quite a bit has happened since my last post.  Lets see, what to start with….
I lost my job a couple weeks ago.  They had been downsizing a lot, first with a dozen or so people in the shop, then with several people in the office, so I wasn’t all that surprised.  I was still technically a temp, even though I had been there over a year, so when I found out they were letting long time office people go I felt it was only a matter of time.
So now I’m on the hunt for a job again.  There aren’t that many prospects, so it might be a while.  But I enjoy being home.  In fact if it wasn’t for the money issue I would probably never leave my house.

The other thing of intrest has been my dog Lola.  She has had an on going problem with Mange, which is a mite that affects the skin.  Apparently dogs always have this mite, but when they are in poor health from a disease or lack of care the mites explode in number and become a big problem.  They burrow into the skin and cause itchy and flaky skin and then the dog starts loosing hair in patches.
I noticed a skin problem when I first got her, and asked the vet about it.  She thought it was ringworm (which isn’t actually a worm but a fungus) which I guess is a common mis-diagnosis.  Once she wasn’t getting better we started looking at other things and found the mange.
So for the last 5 months we have been treating that.  The vet has wanted to see her every 3-4 weeks for an update, so we’ve been there quite a bit.  But now in the last couple weeks I’ve seen real improvement, so much that the skin is almost all better!  So I thought that we we almost done going to the vet all the time.
But then this past wednesday she went out in the yard and came back in bleeding.  It wasn’t really bad, but it was more then just a drop or two.  I don’t know how she did it, but somehow she cut herself on the back of her leg right underneath the dew claw pad (the dew claw is that toenail that is higher up on their front legs).  It wasn’t bad enough that I thought she needed the vet right away.  I had some stuff that’s made for when you trim their nails to short and they bleed.  Being that it was bleeding about like that I decided to try that.  After I held that cut-stop stuff on there for a while the bleeding stopped, so I bandaged it up (so she didn’t bite at it) and thought that was that.  Which it was, until she got up from her nap and started really moving around.  Because that area is at the back of their ankle joint every time she bent her leg she pulled at that area and it would start oozing blood again.  So I ended up taking her to the vet where they gave her a stitch or two.

Then I had to go back to have the mange rechecked on saturday.  Her regular vet wasn’t there when she went in for her stitches, so we weren’t able to combine the appointments.  😦
After I got her home from her stitches I noticed that every time she went to the bathroom she acted like it was uncomfortable.  Then she didn’t really feel like eating, which being that they gave her an anesthetic to work on her leg I wasn’t surprised at (she takes a long while get over drugs like that) but then I noticed her butt was swelled up.  So since we were going to the vet anyway for the recheck I decided to ask the vet about it.  It turns out she had filled anal glands which that needed to be emptied.  Pour Lola really didn’t like that.  Not that I blame her or anything.  I wouldn’t like it if someone stuck a finger up my already sore butt either.  But the good news is that the vet thinks her mange is all gone, so she no longer needs to take meds for that.  🙂  🙂  Which is really good because she hated that stuff.

So now I have a dog with a cut on her leg (which needs to stay wrapped so she doesn’t rip the stitches out) and a sore butt.  What’s concerning me is that she sleeping all the time, still isn’t eating all that much and she hasen’t wanted to go to the bathroom because it still hurts.  I don’t know if that’s normal or not.  She isn’t dehydrated, and she’s still eating some, so as long as she does those things I guess that is alright for right now.  She was a tiny bit on the chubby side so at least she has some reserves to draw on.  I have to take her back to the vet (yes again!) later this week to have her stitches taken out, so if it’s still a problem I’ll ask about it.

So that’s what’s been up with me lately.  This last week has mostly been all about Lola, but I’m hoping that everything will get back to normal pretty soon.


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major life changes ahead!

I’m a dreamer.  I always have been.  In some ways that has made my life more difficult, because I have all these ideas about what I want to do with my life.  With so many dreams it’s sometimes difficult to pick one, or to pick one over another.  Most of the time I end up doing nothing, and my dreams stay as just that, dreams.

Until very recently (the past month or so) I have been quite content with my life.  I have a basic data-entry type of job, which while it is boring sometimes, it gives me the freedom to let my over active imagination run wild.  I can be typing away and at the same time be thinking about what flowers I want to plant in my garden, or wondering what is going to happen next in the book I’m reading.
I own my own home, and while it is small, it is mine and I love it.  I pictured myself living there for a very long time.  Making little changes along the way to make it more mine.  I knew the moment I walked into this house that it was the one for me.  I, like most people house shopping, had made a list of things that I would like to have.  Things like a bathroom attached to my bedroom, a nice sized living room, and a big backyard.  This house had them all.  It was even painted in the exact colors that I wanted.
I live in a medium sized town (of about 15,000).  It is a nice mix of both city and country.  I have some great big-city comforts like a Super Walmart, a Kohls and several grocery stores.  But at the same time even though I only live about 8 blocks off of the main street I am completely suburban.  I have a quiet neighborhood while still being just a hop, skip and a jump from shopping.  Right outside of the city limits there is miles and miles of open farm fields with lots of trees scattered around.
I often thought about someday buying some land in the middle of a field and building a house where I could enjoy all that open space.  Have it completely fenced in so that I could have a greyhound and not have to worry about it getting out.

But lately I’ve been thinking about my dreams.  Not just the ones like “if I had a million dollars I would….” but the deep down I hunger for this type of dreams.  The ones that start out with “it would be really nice if….” or “my dream is….” or “what I really want is….”  And rather then just thinking about them (and I think about them alot) I’ve been thinking about ways to make them happen.  What would I really want if I could do anything?  Live anywhere?  Have any job?


One of my big dreams is to live in the woods.  To build a house that is completely surrounded by trees and wildlife.  I love the thought of waking up and finding deer in my backyard.  And being able to sit and watch all the little critters run around.  To be able to go for a walk in my own woods.  To be able to shout and have no one here me.  To not be startled by a car door slamming.
The more I think about it the less I want to live with all this open space.  All these endless miles of corn fields.  Driving a half an hour to work today was a form of torture.  I used to like all those fields of corn, but now it just depresses me.  I want to be around an unending amount of trees.  Not having to worry about farm vehicles on the roads.

Another part of that dream is I want to have a job where I work at home.  I like my job, but I really hate that I have to get dressed and go to work every day.  I would much rather stay home in my jammies and cuddle up to my cats all day.  And the nice thing about working from home is that it doesn’t matter if I’m out in the middle of nowhere.


In order to make that dream real I have to move.  I don’t have to move THAT far, only a couple hours north, but it will still be a big move.  Most of my family is in the lower part of my state where there is big cities and lots of farmland, but on the northern side there is lots of lakes and forests.  My uncle lives up there, and while I haven’t been up to see him in years, going up there as a child I remember being filled with wonder at the scenery.

But a big part of that dream is the wildlife.  I wouldn’t want my land fenced in.  That means no greyhound.  That is a big blow to me.  I’ve thought about having a greyhound for 6 or 7 years.  I was sure this was what I wanted.  And if I stayed around here it would be.  But the idea of a greyhound up there sounds both impractical and even a little bit silly (I can’t really imagine a greyhound bounding through the woods).  But the more I’ve thought about it the more I’m sure that a greyhound just wouldn’t fit in the life I want up there.  I would want a dog that I could let run loose and not worry about them not coming back.  While on one hand this breaks my heart, on the other I’m glad I found this out before I actually got a dog.

I’ve decided I want lots of land.  Somewhere between 10 and 50 acres.  Then I want to build a house.  I don’t want to buy a house again.  I want something that is completely mine.  Mine from the ground up.
Both of those things aren’t cheep, so I’ll have to save up for them.  I don’t want to bury myself in debt just to make this dream happen.  And I know the house I would want to build wouldn’t be cheap.  So I’d rather save up then scrimp and regret it later.
I’ve found a little town that, from what I’ve found on the internet, seems to be really nice.  It is right on the edge of a national forest (which just so happens to be quite similar to my real name).  It only has a population of about 2,000 but it is only 30 minutes away from a city that is bigger and has some nice shopping.

And I’ve been looking at different stay at home jobs.  Something like data entry, or medical transcription.  The bad thing about medical transcription is that most places want some type of schooling (although I think it’s a certificate rather then a degree).  And I sometimes have problems typing what I hear.  If I’m reading it then it isn’t a problem, but sometimes my ear-to-fingers connection isn’t there.  So that kind of takes that off the list.  But data entry jobs could work.  My aunt is a medical transcriptionist, so the next time I see her I think I’m going to pick her brain and find out what it’s really like to work from home.  How do you get the information?  Is it just emailed to you, or do you log on to a network or website and work from there?  And I need to do more research into exactly what kind of work is out there.


While I now know that this is what I want, I know it’s not going to happen right away.  I’m thinking of it as like a 5-year plan.  But then again once I get my mind set on something I tend to follow through with it, so who knows.  And nothing says that I have to buy the land and build the house at the same time.  I could just buy the land and then build the house later.
And in the next couple weeks I want to run up north and see what that area is like first hand.  If I don’t like it, then I don’t.  And now is the perfect time of year to check things out with the leaves changing and everything.
And I’m thinking I might want to start doing one of those stay at home jobs.  Only part-time in the evenings for now, just to put some money in the bank.  Otherwise it would take forever to save the money I would need.  And it would give me a real feel for what that work is like before I jump in with both feet.

So that’s what my busy mind has been up to lately.  I still need to do alot of research before anything is definite, but this is where I seem to be heading.  It seems like I’ve been making lots of changes lately.  But I think they are for the better.  I certainly feel more alive lately, rather then just floating along.  I wonder if the person I was two years ago would have ever thought how different my life would be now.
That’s the way life should be, right?  We should all be able to get our dreams.

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WHOOOHOOO for a completed project

I’ve been working on this one project at work for the last 6 months (although not continuously), but today I finally completed it!

I work in the safety department of a manufacturing company and I was redoing these forms of what is known as Lockout/Tagout.  Lockout/Tagout (or LOTO for short) are the procedures that need to be followed when a machine needs to be completely shut down (including shutting off electricity to it).  They do this when the machine needs to have maintenance or if there is a problem they need to fix safely.  Because you don’t want the machine to accidentally come on when your hand is inside of it!

We have over 150 different machines that need LOTO forms (and each form is 2 double-sided pages).  Thankfully we already had the forms for most of them, but all the info needed to be checked and updated.  Then I needed to print them all out and laminate them so they can be hung by their appropriate machine.

Needless to say it was a big job.  I spent most of the last week laminating all of them.  Which was incredibly boring work.  Put the paper inbetween to pieces of lamination paper, put in a protective cover, put through machine, repeat.  Imagine repeating that 300 times.  Needless to say it got pretty old pretty fast.
I have a few other things that need to be laminated, but I am so sick of that machine that I think I’ll wait a few days before I can face the idea of using it again.

After dealing with those forms for 6 months I was getting really sick of seeing them.  I was careful to search my intire area to get every single one of them before I took the intire stack and handed them to my boss.  I now do not have one single LOTO on my desk!

They will not be missed.

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