Dragon Cave Help Guide

I decided that there are lots of people out there who need help getting views for their eggs, I never have a problem with mine, so I thought I’d share where I go and what I do.

The only place I go to get views for my eggs is Gaia Online.  Gaia has so many places to post your eggs I don’t need to post them anywhere else.
Now if you do lots of posting about other stuff (which I don’t) many people don’t even need to use these threads, they just put the eggs in their signature and they get enough views that way.  But if you need dedicated threads there are plenty out there.  The dedicated threads are what I use.

There are three main places that are dedicated to adoptables that you can go to post your eggs on . 1-Guilds;  2-Incubators and Sanctuaries;  3-Eggspam and Bump Threads.
By using these three places my eggs are always ready to hatch/mature before the 3.5 day mark and I have never had a sick egg.


1 – The Guilds

While there are lots of different dragon guilds, I belong to just three of them:  DragCave Guild,  The Dragon’s Lair Guild  &  Dragon Cave Guild.  There are a lot more guilds that are just for dragons, do a search for guilds having to do with dragon cave (or dragcave) and you’ll find a bunch.


2 – Incubators and Sanctuaries

These are basically a place where your eggs are added to the first page of the thread so that every time someone opens up that thread your eggs (and everyone else’s) are given a view.  No more going through pages of posts, everything is right there.  Just a little warning though: because of all of the dragons on one page it takes a bit to load, especially if you have a slow connection.
I use two at the moment:
The Egg Sanctuary  Has all the eggs listed by breed (black, green, silver, gold…) on the first page, so you have to do is post your eggs with the code and the image (or list the breed if you are going to fog them).  The first post explains it all.  It’s long, but pretty easy to follow once you get the hang of it.
The Incubator  Has the eggs listed by username, with a link to your scroll.  This one is great because if you have eggs on a regular basis they will update your listing on the main page for you (great time saver!).


3 – EggSpam and Bump Threads

Rather then explain each thread I’ll just list them all.  Not all of them are high traffic, but views are views!  And the more people that use them the more people it will attract.
Some of these threads have some very simple rules, just make sure you check the first page before you post.
Note:  I have no ties with any of the creators of these threads, the reason I chose these over all the others is because they seemed to have the most recent activity.  I will update these if I find a new thread or see that one isn’t being used.  Last updated 3.21.09

Spamming Threads:
-~*^Click The Eggs Above You^*~-
Click all the Eggs Above You! All EGGSPAM goes here!
Clicking Dragons, Experiments, and Other Adoptable Clickables
Dragon Cave Nesting Grounds
Dragon Cave, Uni Creatures, Valenth, I’ll click them all!^^
Dragon Click and Bumpathon! Get to 500 pages!
Dragon Click-Exchange

Dragon Cave Eggs
Feed the Draggehs
I will click your unicreatures/valenth/whatever. Come here!
Little Dragon Cave Sanctuary
Post Your Eggs Here!
The Official Dragcave Thread
Unofficial Dragon Cave Thread

Bump Threads:
Bumping & Bumping ❤
Bump Forever!!!
Emoticon Bumping
Gold Bump
“MPT” Let’s Get This Thread to a Million Pages! “Original”
The Comment/Bump Thread

The Main Bump Page of Gaia (Bump Forever)


Other Hints:

–The biggest thing is BE NICE!  Most of the thread rules have to do with everybody getting along with everybody else.  I always go back to:  If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.
–Another thing I’m always careful of is making sure my post takes up the smallest space possible.  Rather then putting one egg/hatchling per line try to fit all of them on the same line.
–Most of the places I’ve listed are fine with posting adoptables other then dragons (like valenth, unicreatures…) but again keep it as streamlined as possible.  Especially in bump threads where people aren’t coming to view your creatures, remember that some people feel it’s an intrusion.


One last thing…



If you have someplace that you like to post your eggs feel free to leave a comment here with a link so other people can check it out.  I’ve chosen to stick with Gaia, but it’s not for everyone, and I’m a big fan of giving people choices. 😀


3 responses to “Dragon Cave Help Guide

  1. lulululuqtqt

    September 23, 2009 at 9:59 am

    I use this site: You don’t have to join, just type in your scroll name, and it hasn’t let me down yet.

  2. Glaciation

    June 18, 2010 at 2:14 pm

  3. kaylee543888

    January 29, 2011 at 12:03 pm

    plez look at my eggs and my hatchling so they grow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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